Going into the 3rd week with Re-Frame, I was a little "workshop-ed" out.
It had taken me the entire weekend to recuperate from the beautiful intensity of participating in the motiroti project Potluck: Chicago.
I came to Rumble Arts on Monday still feeling a bit frayed at the edges while at the same time wanting to sincerely witness some kind of progress from the weeks before.

This, the 3rd Monday, was a pleasant and juicy reminder of the possibilities of Re-Frame.
We did a much better job of prioritizing and implementing a bit more structure around time.
We invested a good twenty minutes in breakout sessions that allowed us to examine some of our more complex My topic centered around financial sustainability and wealth-building for artists - something that I, and so many other creatives continue to struggle with.

At the end of the breakout session, Iman, Mike, and I, arrived at an important evolution of the original question - "How do we value time?" and started to outline a few structures that would make sense as one moved along the artistic trajectory. I made a mental note to chat with Todd Brown, deYoung Museum Fellow about his newest artist service project, The ITCH (Investing in the Creative Hunch).

But my most important takeaway of the evening was our vocal and movement exercises led by Rebecca and Iman.  Re-Frame is a gathering of individuals with an incredibly wealthy, embodied knowledge.  It was not until this 3rd Monday did we have the opportunity to shut off our right brains for a moment and engage with each other with sounds and movement instead of pen and paper.  The activity happened early in the evening and as our giggles settled down and our bodies loosened up, I vowed to TALK LESS and DANCE MORE. Whatever that may look like.


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